4 ways to use tablets for business digitisation

Businesses are always under pressure to find the next best thing to improve their operations and streamline systems before their competition does – and the answer can be found in technology.

As digitisation becomes a driver for business and a differentiator, decision-makers must move quickly to leverage technology. Once considered a product suited for the consumer market, tablets are becoming popular as business tools too. What’s become clear is that tablets are not just cost-effective substitutes for laptops and PCs, but machines with independent uses. They can work with laptops and PCs to improve trackability in a business, expand the workforce beyond the headquarters of a company and deliver greater value to customers.

If you’re wondering how you can use tablets for digitisation in your business, here are four use cases to spark some ideas.

Point of Sale in the hospitality industry

Introducing tablets to a hospitality business like a restaurant can have a significant impact on operations. Waitrons can use tablets to take orders at patrons’ tablets and have them automatically updated in the kitchen where the food is prepared at the front desk where the billing system is. Plus, waitrons can deliver a better service by offering cross-sells and pairings that come up automatically on the Point of Sale system on the tablet. Orders are accurate, systems are integrated and your customer experience is taken to a new level.

The Prestigio Muze 708 3G is portable enough for service staff to carry when taking orders. It features a 4000mAh Li-ion battery so the device can last a whole shift before it requires recharging. Bluetooth, WiFi and 3G connectivity ensure that you always have a connection when you need it.

Data capturing in the industrial sector

Data capturing is sometimes done with pen and paper in large factories, plants and warehouses. This is not an elegant system because paper gets lost and employees are bound to make errors. What tablets offer is a digitally driven solution that can improve accuracy and reduce time spent reconciling reams of paper. Enterprise resource planning tools can run on tablets and companies can use them to capture any type of data from inventory, process tracking, staff management and productivity. The data is centrally stored and backed up so it’s never lost and operations can run a lot smoother.

The Prestigio Muze 4667 3G boasts a reinforced body that protects from any slips or falls which can happen in industrial environments. It also has rubberised corners so it’s still easy to grip with wet, greasy or muddy hands.

Document management in small offices

Tablets, like smartphones and laptops, are smart devices, which means they can be useful in a wide range of ways that might surprise you. For example, they can be used to create, edit, manage and store documents. This is an important advantage for small businesses that do not have a dedicated scanner for documents but still want all the benefits of digital documents. You can use a tablet’s camera to produce high-quality PDFs that work just as well as those produced with a scanner. Scanned documents can be encrypted and stored in the cloud for better document security and your peace of mind.

The Prestigio Muze 3871 4G features a 2-megapixel rear camera that’s perfect for scanning documents in detail and a wide 10-inch display so you can view and edit them comfortably. With 4G connectivity, you can back up your documents to the cloud or share them in a snap.

Interactive training and workshops

Some schools and universities are using tablets in classrooms, which means that they are an excellent tool for education. Businesses have realised this and have started to incorporate them into training environments. Learning on a tablet is far more interactive than following what the instructor is doing on the board. In workshop environments, it gives attendees the chance to ask questions during proceedings, watch videos with subtitles that they understand, or participate in surveys. Digitisation in training and conferencing environments through tablets is a guaranteed way to boost engagement and information retention.

The Prestigio Wize 3771 3G makes everything come to life with its HD display. Photos, illustrations and videos become immersive when viewed on its 10-inch display.

Now that you understand just how powerful tablets can be for digitisation in your business, you can browse our range of cutting-edge Android tablets and get that much closer to finding the perfect one for your business goals.