All the best tech for students in 2021

Last year was an unconventional one for education and it taught us all a valuable lesson – that students need technology to keep up and to get ahead.

It’s understandable for parents to view technology devices as luxury purchases for students, but this is no longer true. Remote learning made it clear that technology was a direct driver for academic success, and students who weren’t equipped with the necessary resources were at a disadvantage.

Something worth disabusing yourself of is the notion that technology is expensive. We became experts in affordable consumer technology because we believed everyone deserves cutting-edge gadgets without breaking the bank – especially students.

Here are our top picks for the best affordable tech for students in 2021:

You won’t go wrong with a laptop

A laptop is the go-to device for preparing a student for almost any academic discipline. Unlike a desktop computer, you can take a laptop anywhere you go. So whether a student is at the library, in their room or with their study group, they’ll always have access to a computer. They can type up assignments, do research online and attend virtual classes. As long as a laptop has a decent processor, RAM and storage, it can meet the needs of most students.

Our top pick:

The Point of View 14.1" Celeron 4GB/64GB Notebook with 1TB hard drive installed

Take a tablet for a good job

Perhaps a tablet is more affordable if you’re on a tighter budget than many others. It can do almost anything a laptop can, is more portable and costs less. The main advantage of choosing tablets is the touchscreen functionality. For example, design students can use tablets to draw and edit with their fingers or a stylus pen. The only drawback with tablets is the lack of a keyboard and ports, but this can be easily solved with the wide variety of affordable tablet peripherals on the market.

Our top pick:

The Point of View 10.1" 32GB dual-SIM 3G tablet with free Bluetooth keyboard cover

Stay powered up

Loadshedding is a reality for all South Africans. It can have undesirable consequences for students if it strikes at an inconvenient time – like right before a submission deadline or during an online exam. A power bank guarantees that students can keep going even during a power outage. While a power bank can’t recharge a laptop, it can certainly keep a smartphone or tablet going for hours.

Our top pick:

The Canyon Li-Polymer 20 000mAh power bank with a digital display showing the battery level

Beef up your security

Cybercrime has been on the rise since the pandemic started last year. If you’re going to invest in tech for academic purposes, it’s crucial to ensure that it’s protected. Most people are reluctant to get robust antivirus software because it isn’t free. What they don’t know is that they will have to fork out more to have a laptop repaired after it’s been corrupted. Losing work is every student’s waking nightmare and you really can’t put a price on peace of mind.

Our top pick:

Kaspersky Internet Security 1+1 free device (1 year) DVD box

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