All the tools you need to remote work

Remote work has become more of an option across different industries that can make use of faster internet speeds and better technology. You can now stay in touch with your colleagues, thanks to better communication tools, and ensure that you’re always on top of your tasks. But there are certain tools that make remote work easier whether you are at home in your pyjamas, at your local coffee shop or at the nearest library. In this blog, we take a look at the top tools for remote working.

Reliable laptop

The number one essential item for remote working is a reliable laptop. To prove that you’re dependable as a remote worker you will need a laptop that won’t let you down. This means a laptop that won’t break down, have the battery die when you might not be able to charge it or lose essential information when the security is compromised. Take a look at Prestigio’s range of affordable and dependable laptops.

Portable monitor

If you’re taking your laptop around with you, you’ll also want one that’s lightweight. But if the smaller screens of lightweight computers make completing work more difficult, consider getting a portable monitor. They serve as a larger screen but can be plugged straight into your laptop with a USB connection. They’re also usually quite lightweight so you can carry them in your backpack.

Noise-cancelling headphones

Anyone who does remote work in a public space like a coffee shop or library will tell you that one of the biggest hazards to their concentration is noise. From the obvious disturbances of people chatting to the more subtle offenders that include device notification beeps, pen-tapping, whistling, or the potentially maddening sounds of people eating, noise-cancelling headphones will be your new best friend. There are clever devices that let you tune cancellation levels so you can be aware of some noises around you and not feel like you are 20 000 Leagues Under the Sea. Check out Bose QuietComfort 35 Series II for an excellent model.

Laptop stand

You don’t want to compromise on comfort just because you’re working on the move. Just because you aren’t working in an office doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t feel just as at ease as if you were. While you can’t bring your ergonomic chair with you, you can get a laptop stand to ensure that your back is straight while you’re sitting in front of your laptop. Raising the angle of your laptop will help you to avoid unnecessary strain or even long-term health issues. Laptop stands can also be folded up to fit into your backpack.

Mobile hotspot

Having an internet connection is not always a certainty – and that’s where a mobile hotspot or an LTE router comes in. If you are constantly travelling, an LTE connection with a SIM and LTE data package might be a good option. And it’s possible to get a good speed of connection and an affordable long-term contract. Some mobile hotspots, like this TP-Link M7200, can share a connection with multiple devices and have a powerful battery life.

Take your pick from these items. We hope they will make your remote work experience easier. We wish you well as you begin a new chapter in your working life. Don’t forget to take a look at Prestigio’s range of affordable and dependable laptops and our other products that can make your life easier.