An affordable tablet fits in every part of your home

An affordable tablet is like the Goldilocks of digital devices. Tablets are bigger than smartphones but smaller than laptops – in fact, they’re just right, as Goldilocks would have said. They occupy a sweet spot in between the two that can often make them capable of more than their specialised counterparts.

Maybe it’s time to invest in an affordable tablet if you’re looking for a device that’s versatile enough to have multiple uses around your home. Let’s explore some of the ways in which tablets can add value to your family wherever you choose to use them at home.

Tastier recipes in the kitchen

Recipe videos on Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube are the digital equivalent of recipe books. Their advantage is that they're easier to follow and are often free. So all you need is an internet connection to improve your cooking skills and unleash your inner foodie in the kitchen.

The Prestigio Wize 3771 has an impressive 10-inch HD screen so recipe videos will come to life and you can easily follow them. You can even stream an episode or two of your favourite show while you prepare that delicious new dish.

A convenient control panel

Smart homes might not have gone fully mainstream yet but “semi-smart” homes are certainly becoming more popular. Since we have so many smart devices in our homes – like TVs, fridges, air-conditioning systems and alarm systems – having central control of some or all of them is the closest thing to fully smart homes. An affordable tablet placed strategically in your lounge can help you make your ecosystem of devices smarter.

The Prestigio Muze 4667 is designed to take the hard knocks that a remote control or control panel often experience from falls. It has rubberised edges and a reinforced body so you can pass it around – and it will survive any butterfingers.

Bonus entertainment for everyone

Families don’t always agree on what to watch together all the time. Instead of fighting over the remote control (or Prestigio control panel 😉), you can keep everyone happy with an affordable tablet or two. You get to watch what you want in the lounge and the rest of the family can stream something else in their rooms.

The Prestigio Muze 3871 4G’s capacitive, high-definition 10-inch display delivers excellent visuals that are perfect for streaming movies and TV shows. It also supports all the latest Android apps, including parental control apps for content supervision.

An education tool in the study

Students need every advantage they can get to stay on top of their schoolwork. From basic education to tertiary education, all of them can benefit from an affordable tablet while they study. It can make learning more interactive and fun for children, and older students can stream lessons and lecture slides or use the internet to find more resources.

The Prestigio Muze 3708 is a perfect tool for education. With an 8-inch display, it’s portable enough for your children but still packs a punch for older users. It has a long-lasting battery for marathon study sessions and with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity, it can integrate with laptops, smartphones or any other devices that students use while they work.

This is just a taste of what an affordable tablet can do for your family. Browse our full range of Android tablets on our online store and find one that’s a perfect fit for your home.