Boost learner performance with technology in the classroom

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – technology can enhance all aspects of our lives. And we believe that it can have a greater positive impact in the classroom. Millennials, the first digital natives, are all older than 25 which means the schoolgoing demographic consists mainly of Gen Z and Alpha, who grew up with technology in the home. So why wouldn’t you use it as an educational tool?

Incorporating technology in the classroom broadens learners’ resources and helps them to perform better in several ways. We’ll explore some of them in this blog.

Make collaboration easier

Learners are more likely to help one another with classroom exercises. They’ll often turn to one another before asking the teacher when they’re trying to figure out how a device or a system works. This might sound like the opposite of what an educator wants, but it’s excellent for building collaborative bonds between learners. It also comes in handy when they have to work in groups and practise teaching and learning.

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Appeal to different learning methods

Not every student learns in the same way, but it’s impractical for teachers to adapt their lessons for each learner. Thanks to the resources available online, you don’t have to. All you need is a PC or laptop with an internet connection.

YouTube alone is a bottomless source of alternative learning techniques. There are YouTube educators who use pop culture references to update history lessons and others who combine maths and science. Allowing your learners to explore their learning methods by using technology provides them with a skill for life.

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Deepen engagement

Research shows that learners perform better when they have more to work with than just notes on a chalkboard. Multimedia education introduces music, videos and games to the curriculum to stimulate more parts of the brain and keep learners engaged. Giving them access to accessories such as headphones can make learning immersive and improve their well-being. They can listen to guided meditation recordings, white noise or binaural beats during quiet time.

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Develop skills for the future

One of the most significant benefits of using technology in the classroom is that it allows learners to get comfortable by using devices for more than entertainment. They can learn how to code, touch-type and speed read at a much younger age. Skills that we consider fundamental in the workplace, like proficiency with the Microsoft Office productivity suite, are worth sharpening at an early age. A PC or laptop in the classroom can go a long way to achieving that.

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