How to take the best care of your laptop

If there was one thing we learnt during 2020 it was that we couldn't live without our laptops. From remote work to social networking, watching Netflix movies or even squeezing in an online yoga class, our devices were there for us. Our laptops are an essential part of our lives and we should do our best to take proper care of them. With that in mind, we have compiled a few recommendations of the best ways in which to take care of your laptop and to extend its lifespan.

Keep it clean

Regularly cleaning the outside of your laptop will help to keep it in good working order. The outer parts collect dust and dirt over time. You can use compressed air to clean the little nooks and crannies on your device. Blowing air between the keys of your keyboard, for example, will remove the debris that tends to build up there. It's essential to remove dust from around the vents to allow the fans to work freely and to keep your laptop cool. If you want to clean your laptop internally to ensure that the hardware is working optimally, you can consider taking it to an IT professional.

Get organised

When your machine is loaded down with stuff that you've saved on it, you put unnecessary pressure on it to perform its functions. Cut your hard drive some slack by organising your files and deleting anything you're not using. This includes removing old documents and files and applications that you don't use and clearing your recycle bin. Defragging will also optimise your information so that your computer can run faster.

Be kind

You probably spent a lot of time researching the best laptop for your price range so once you take it home, make sure you treat it with care. The latest laptops are lightweight and easy to carry around, but remember that they are also prone to damage if you don't treat them right. Be careful how you handle your laptop and always leave it in a safe place to avoid getting marks and scratches on the surface or cracking the screen. You can also consider investing in a hardshell case for when you're on the move.

Stay up to date

Ensure that your operating system is always updated. Doing this will upgrade the system with software updates that are the most supported for bugs and fixes. When you install updates, you also get the latest features which keep your laptop secure whether you run Windows or Apple software. You should also ensure that you are using the newest version of your browser to get the latest security updates.

Use an antivirus

When you update your operating system, you also protect your laptop from some dodgy elements. But you should also use a reputable antivirus software programme to protect it against malware. Running regular scans will prevent your computer from getting a virus which will compromise your data.

Look after your battery

Your laptop does its work using the battery, and your machine's longevity will depend on how you take care of this essential part. Make sure your laptop is stored at a normal temperature (not too hot or cold), don't charge it overnight and set it to “Sleep” after 15 minutes of inactivity.

The average laptop should last you about three years, depending on the type of machine you have and how you take care of it. Is it time for you to invest in a new laptop? We have a range of quality laptops at affordable prices. Take a look at our online store.