Is it time to replace your laptop?

Let’s clue you in on the worst-kept secret of planned obsolescence. Simply put, all gadgets are designed not to last forever. However, it’s not as underhanded as it seems. By engineering devices to have a limited lifespan, manufacturers ensure that consumers always have access to the most cutting-edge technology. Planned obsolescence keeps consumer gadgets exciting and moves innovation forward.

You can always extend the life of a laptop by repairing and upgrading its parts, but you can’t make it HD-ready or more portable if it wasn’t designed to be. Every laptop has its day when it should shut down and never hum back to life again.

Is today that day? Here’s how you know it’s time to replace your laptop.

Strange new sounds

There are two main sources of strange sounds emanating from your laptop – your fan and your hard drive. Your laptop takes on more strain the longer you use it and your laptop’s fan is responsible for preventing it from overheating. The whirring sound it makes gets louder the harder it works, and this could be a sign that it’s close to reaching its functioning capacity. On the other hand, loud clicking and grinding sounds could mean a mechanical failure in your laptop’s hard drive. If this is the case, back up everything because it won’t be long before your hard drive (and by extension, your laptop) stops working altogether.

Repairs start to add up

The fan and hard drive are two parts of a laptop that you can replace to extend the life of your device – and many people do. You can also upgrade your RAM and battery after a few years of ownership. However, if you add up the numbers, you’ll find that the cost of a new fan, hard drive, RAM and battery is comparable to the price of a new machine. Upgrading one component is a great way to buy yourself some time, but once you get on a first-name basis with your IT guy, it’s time to consider replacing your laptop.

Your hardware’s incompatible with the latest OS

Microsoft releases regular updates to its Windows operating system to patch security vulnerabilities and deliver performance improvements. But you also have other software and programs on your laptop that have updates too. After a while, these upgrades can take a toll on older processors and bloat your storage. If your machine stays usable for a long enough time, you’re bound to encounter an update that isn’t compatible with your hardware.

Software developers are focused on creating their products for the most optimal environments. They understand that it isn’t worth weighing down old systems with upgrades – so they stop making backwards-compatible updates for those systems. Now you have an old OS on old hardware. What could possibly go wrong?

Everything’s infuriatingly slow

That wasn’t a rhetorical question and we’ll answer it here. Running old and unsupported software on an ageing machine is a guaranteed way to slow down your system. You’ll notice that your laptop takes longer to boot up and applications lag, stop responding or crash when you use them. Software is doomed to age and fail without the performance improvements that come with updates from its developers. You could upgrade your processor, RAM and storage to make your laptop more compatible with the latest software releases, but we’ve already discussed how that can become a slippery and expensive slope. It’s better to start looking at new laptops.

The blue screen of death

Widely regarded as the death knell for computers, the blue screen of death (BSoD) signals a fatal system error in Windows. There’s a wide range of underlying issues that contribute to the BSoD such as hardware failure or system corruption. It means that the laptop couldn’t resolve the problem while running and needs to restart and run diagnostics. While not every BSoD signals the end, if it happens more than once, alarm bells should start ringing in your head.

Your new laptop is a few clicks away

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